Military Clothing The Rugged Style for Civilians


Hardiness and strength,are what a good pair of boots or shoes must don`t miss.

We aim for excellence and flawlessness;our website exposes a large selection of boots and shoes for both sexes (women and men) find here.Image result for Military Clothing

Our dear clients can effortlessly find a wide choice of boots and military shoes of several styles, shapes, designs, and colors,naturally according to each client`s needs, we have both, military standard boots, and snow military boots as well which are laced and are 100 % polyester.

We had definitely visualized,that a combination of both comfort and robustness,engendered an optimal satisfaction, therefore,we chose to be committed,to provide a selection of high-end boots and shoes. we expose several types and styles of shoes, a range designed for the military and police,and another one, specially made for our institutional clients (medical, promotional and firefighters).

Regardingthe military sector range of boots and shoes, we use as material,mil-spec rod all in black, and in leather, a textile cordura with a reinforced collar lining or a fresh lining, as well.

All our boots and shoes are breathable,and can hold  an insole (orthopedic foot bed, PU / thermo sole; PU / PU; PU / TPU rubber), are resistant to water as well, so it remains relatively unaffected by water or cannot be penetrated by water under specified conditions, Such items can be used in wet or underwater environments at specified depths as well. Also, we have sizes starting from 36 up to 47.