How to Take Board Meeting Minutes


The minutes of board meetings are an official document of decisions, issues and discussions that took place during the board of directors’ meeting. They ensure that everyone is aware of what happened, who spoke and the way in which the vote was taken. They can also serve as legal documents to be used for future reference.

While it is not a requirement the presence of a dedicated secretary for the board can make the process of recording and publishing minutes more efficient. They can concentrate on listening to the discussion and record important points without having to interrupt. Additionally, having a dedicated note-taker for each meeting can help ensure a consistent, structured method of conducting the meeting. Recording the meeting audio will also help eliminate discrepancies between minutes and the actual events in the meeting.

The first step in the meeting minutes-taking process is to confirm that there was a quorum at the meeting. Examining the attendance record against the board membership records will show who was in attendance. If a quorum has not been met, the chair can ask for an adjournment or put topics on hold for a future time.

It’s enough to mention any materials that were discussed in the meeting, however, it is not necessary to provide the complete description. The best option is to store all materials from the meeting in a secure online board portal with solutions such as Boardable. This way, meetings and other documents can be easily accessed whenever needed. This is particularly beneficial for board members who are new and those who were unable to attend the meeting.