Authentic Conversations

Millennials are also driven by “authentic conversations” online to buy tech. There’s less attention given to staged and paid reviews. “No longer do millennials aspire for what others project on social media, which may often be fake,” suggests Jayalakshmi. So, they scour the Net to get to influencers with honest reviews top public relations company in bangalore.

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Some head to Instagram pages of the product directly to source genuine reviews. In this situation, brands must resonate with what millennials care about. Social causes are very much the vogue, and experts say millennials prefer a brand that does not sit on the fence and goes all out to voice its opinions. But, brands need to keep communication subtle and intelligent and not go for the overkill.

Constant Innovation

However, the limitless access to information, communication, and entertainment are rewiring their brains and changing their responses to marketing stimuli. So, marketing gurus believe that brands have to continuously innovate to keep up with a Nielsen study description of the–”Millennials may be many things, but they may not be what you expect.” So, very often, experts advise brands to blend in with millennials’ social circles, primarily online and mobile, and stress on creativity and authenticity to keep them hooked.

In the end, Kumar Rajagopalan’s advice might be worth mulling over: “Brands need to think like a 20/20 player – their messages have to be short, effective and thrilling. Secondly, more importantly, brands need to be in sync with how millennials use social media. A platform that is relevant now might not be tomorrow and so brands have to monitor the kind of social media millennials inhabit. Take the case of how popular OTT platforms are with them now as an example. Brands need to be where they are to catch their attention.” Move-in their world to know them seems to be a helpful mantra than to stay with for now!

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